December 19, 2014

Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink

One of the most popular phones on the market at the moment is the 3G Curve 9300, so it’s welcome news that RIM are now selling a Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink version. If you’re looking for a high quality smart phone with a feminine design then this may be the best choice. Listed below are some of the best Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink deals available at the moment, so take your time to look through them and make sure you come back regularly to find updated offers.

It’s important to remember that the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink price can vary depending on which company you buy from and which deals are available at that time, so don’t rush into a decision and take our time with your choice.

The great thing about the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 pink version is that it isn’t too over the top. Instead of bright and in-your-face pink, RIM decided to go for a darker and cooler shade of pink. This means that the phone still looks professional and elegant, while at the same time introducing a feminine element to what is otherwise quite a masculine looking phone. We wish more phone manufacturers would take note of the design and colour choices of the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink model.

Of course, the most important thing about any phone is how it performs, not how it looks. Like most other BlackBerry mobile phones, the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink comes with a full QWERTY keyboard which is perfect for emailing and messaging. Other good features include support for the BB OS 6, which was released soon after the phone, and a long battery life. Anyone who’s bought a Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink contract can be sure that the battery life is longer than many other modern smartphones. Some negative points, however, include that the camera isn’t top quality and the app store isn’t as varied as other options.

Keep checking back for the best Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Pink contracts available at any time. We update the deals on this site multiple times each day to make sure you’re always getting the best offers.

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