January 29, 2015

BlackBerry Bold 9780 White

If you’ve read our review of the BlackBerry Bold 9780, you’ll already know that we’re a fan of the phone. While it isn’t the most up to date model on the market, or the most powerful, it’s an attractive phone with some good features. For those who don’t like the black model, there is also a Blackberry Bold 9780 white version available. We’ve listed the best Blackberry Bold 9780 white contracts below, and we constantly update them with the latest offers.

Firstly, we’ll go through a brief overview of the Blackberry Bold 9780 white version specifications. It is the same phone as the black model, so has features such as a high quality and powerful messaging system, great home screen that’s been dramatically improved since the last model and a new browser. It also has better support for social networking compared to other phones.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 white is an attractive phone. Whether you prefer it to the white model is something that you need to decide for yourself, but white mobiles tend to have a “classy” look to them in comparison to the “tech” feel of a black phone. Ultimately, whether you want to buy a white Bold 8780 contract or the black version comes down to personal choice.

There are a few downsides to the Blackberry Bold 9780 white that we thought we’d mention again. The signal strength of the phone isn’t as good as other reviewers would have liked, which is obviously an important consideration when buying a new phone. The O2 feels like it should be on a touch screen (which the 9780 doesn’t have), so that’s also something to remember. Before choosing the best Blackberry Bold 9780 white deal, make sure you try out the phone to get a feel for how it handles and whether the lack of a touch screen bothers you.

In conclusion, the Blackberry Bold 9780 white mobile phone is a great option for those looking for a mid-range smart phone. Keep checking back for the latest white Blackberry Bold 9780 offers.

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